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The researchers at the National Institution for Technology, while studying the human mind as part of their Wonders In Technology program, stumbled onto a way to empower a person's mind as an extension to their physical form. The research project, secretly funded by the government, was quickly closed off from the public and all the information gathered by the researchers was removed to a secret location. The government created a program called the Black Knights to further the research based on this new information, which eventually lead to the invention of the PIM (Psionic Implant Module). In the interest of national security, a new, secret division of the Marine Corps was created, specifically to use this new technology for military purposes; thus Psicorps was born. The focus of this division was not to create a psionic only division of the marines, but rather soldiers would use psionics to enhance their combat capabilities out in the field. This allows them to use the strength of their bodies and their minds in order to accomplish their missions. Specialized combat training with psionic enhancements is the core of the Psicorps Soldier. Each soldier gains their own powers in their own ways and the Psicorps helps them train each power to its fullest potential. Newer versions of the PIM are being developed and as soldiers gain rank, they will be able to access a better unit than the one they possess.