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Scrips are what you use to pay for your training. The Psicorps pays you scrips for every confirmed kill that you make or participate in. We keep track of how difficult an opponent is and don't think you can fool us by killing a lot of small, insignificant enemies. We demand that you fight within your means. We only pay you scrips upon the death of an enemy. At lower tours, bonus scrips are given to encourage and solidify your interest in your career. Similarly, once you've reached Second Lieutenant, you are recognized and additionally rewarded for your experience and service to the Corps. Scrips payout increases every round of combat that you land any successful hit. This can be any amount of damage. Enemy size is also a factor. Enemy class requirements can be calculated using the following formula: (Tour Level * Tour Level) * 10 So for example, at tour level 25, you will need to fight enemies of class 6,250 or higher in order to receive maximum scrips. The further enemy class drifts below your requirements, the less you get, eventually becoming zero payout. In addition to this, there is a maximum number of scrips you can earn per hour of combat, and this is determined by your tour level. This formula can be seen here: Potential Scrips / HR: Tour 10 = 9,000 15 = 13,500 20 = 18,000 25 = 22,500 30 = 27,000 35 = 31,500 40 = 36,000 45 = 40,500 50 = 45,000 55 = 49,500 60 = 54,000 65 = 58,500 70 = 63,000 75 = 67,500 At 80, the rank of Second Lieutenant is received, and scrip payout is then doubled.