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Psicorps is a highly configurable guild. Players have access to sets of abilities and configure their implant to which powers they want to use for the situation that they are in. Players can return to the guild to swap out powers at any time which means they are not stuck to the powers they choose. As players gain new tours (guild levels), they get access to higher and more powerful tiers. Their implant can also hold more powers. The guild also has several skills that can be trained in order to improve the players efficiency. This makes the guild highly customizable to the task at hand. If a player needs to tank, then they can load all defense powers. If the player has a tank, then they can load all offense powers. Or anything in between. There are also utility powers that are unique to the guild itself. So if you are interested in Psicorps, either type 'players psicorps' and ask a current player to recruit you. Or go to the Houston Transportation Hub in Science and find Lt. Combs in his office across from the arcade.